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The M.I.N.D. Group (Moving In a New Direction) is a non-profit organization specializing in community outreach, youth development programs and consulting. Located in High Point, North Carolina, the company is founded and operated by President/CEO, Bryon D. Stricklin. The purpose of the organization is to develop and implement programs to promote academic, athletic, social and moral excellence.

The M.I.N.D. Group consists of 4 distinct programs:
•Let’s E.A.T. (Education. Athletics & Training)
•The High Point City Ball HAWGS
•Fans View Sports
•GWYN 10

Let’s E.A.T. (Education. Athletics & Training)

Let’s E.A.T. (Education. Athletics & Training) is a 5-8 weeks academic and athletic enrichment program coordinated and hosted by The M.I.N.D. Group & The High Point City Ball HAWGS. The program provides academic enrichment, tutoring and educational support, along with athletic and basketball skill development. Let’s E.A.T. is made available to both the public and private sectors and is offered to elementary school children, ages 8-10 or grades 3-5 and middle school children, ages 11-13 or grades 6-8.

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High Point City Ball HAWGS, Youth Development Program

The High Point City Ball HAWGS is a student-athletic, training program for young boys/girls aspiring to participate in competitive sports (particularly basketball). Practices and games are scheduled within the fall and spring basketball seasons. Additional activities include workouts, training and programs coordinated for vendors during the calendar school year and summer months. The program’s slogan is, ‘better athletes, better people’, which embodies the process of developing and promoting the human spirit with sports used as a vehicle to teach.

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GWYN 10 is a unique feature of The M.I.N.D. Group that develops programs and activities specifically for females aspiring to participate in sports and athletics. This initiative is supported by local basketball and UNC-Asheville star, Brittany Gwyn. The intent is to help foster confidence for young girls and create an outlet of exposure for female athletes, while underscoring the values of respect, self-esteem, strength and character.

Fans View Sports

Fans View Sports is an online sports talk and debate show. Coordinated and produced by The M.I.N.D. Group, the broadcast airs live, via Ustream.Previously recorded shows also appear on UStream. The broadcast includes coverage of national, regional and local sports related topics. Fans View Sports is also used as a platform to expose and recognize local student-athletes and schools in the Piedmont Triad area.

The M.I.N.D. Group Donation Package
All donations are graciously received. For a gift of $10 or more, contributors and supporters will receive the following:

• The M.I.N.D. Group monthly newsletter

• Copy of music CD entitled, Borne...Straight From the Womb

• Three pre-released music tracks from featured artist, Borne

• 5 x 5 advertisement of first project released under M.I.N.D Group Music titled, Full Circle

For tax deductible donations, The M.I.N.D. Group is a non-profit organization that is recognized by the IRS of exempt status under section 501©(3) of the IRS Code.

For additional information, please contact Bryon Stricklin,
336-307-6332 (borne@themindgroup.org)

Mind Group Music

M.I.N.D. Group Music is a separate entity of The M.I.N.D. Group that specializes in music and video production, graphic artistry, marketing and promotion. The music and video platforms are used to announce the community outreach and youth development initiatives coordinated and supported by The M.I.N.D. Group. Genres of music include Contemporary Christian Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz and R&B.

The featured artist of M.I.N.D. Group Music is its founder and CEO, Bryon Stricklin, also known as Borne. See additional artist information (Borne profile).

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